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The Gobi's lizard was able to escape hunting because of its changeable body color, and survives to the present day; the king of Gou, because he changed himself, suffered for ten years, ended up annihilating Wu, and revenge Xue Sha; Tsar Alexander II, because of reforming politics, Rising from the defeat of the Crimean War, the glorious history of Tsarist Russia was achieved; the Emperor of the Japanese Civilization quickly strengthened the Japanese nation and became a hegemon in the East because of innovation. I will also be a different firework because I change myself. Since the beginning of this semester, learning has always been unsatisfactory, which is undoubtedly a huge blow to me. The bad problems developed in elementary school finally showed extreme consequences at this time, and the attitude of studying as a child's play was also doomed to this frequent failure. I think it's also time for me to get rid of my suffocation, change my previous study and lifestyle, and change myself meaningfully every day, starting from playing the last game and reinstalling my computer. In the past, games always made me happy, and it was just right to describe them as intoxicated, which also led to the balance of my life tending to the side of the game Marlboro Lights. Saturday and Sunday, holidays, play all day, sleep and forget about food, just for a little vanity in the virtual world. But I wonder if I have left a lot of other classmates behind, like the Qing government who closed the country and locked up the country. "Learning is like sailing against the water. If you don't advance, you will retreat Newport 100S." In the time I was playing hotly, other students have accumulated a lot of knowledge by reading the classics. They have already integrated these knowledge into the composition, flowed into the blood, carved into the character, and revealed it In a row; and I, playing dark, all I can gain is vision loss, inferior will, and unruly, unmotivated, wasteful studies, and life. Natural talents will be useful. How can my brain be destroyed in the hands of other minds to destroy the mind? I used to give time to illusory. Now, I must give more time to chase me The falling distance changes oneself Newport Cigarettes, but also keeps fit. Physical fitness is not only for the high school entrance examination sports score, but also not only for good physical shape, but also for rebuilding my strong physique a
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29 Nov, 2019 03:33:43 P.M.

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